Dee M.

I reached out to Maria Mizzi in November of 2019 because I felt like my body was not in an ideal place. My immune system was compromised, I knew my nutrition was less intentional than it could be, and my body overall just felt...blah (which, of course is the technical and scientific term). Maria's Transformational Nutrition program was exactly what I needed to snap myself back to a body that feels lean, strong, and healthy. 

Through our work together I explored new recipes (despite the fact that on our first few calls I was adamant about not wanting to cook). Maria was patient (understatement) and eased me into creating meals that fit the convenience I needed and the flavor profiles that I liked. She was extremely flexible and personalized in her recommendations for me. By the end of our time together I was trying one new recipe/week and was really enjoying the whole experience, from food shopping to meal prep.

In addition to the new appreciation for cooking, the program also gave me the accountability I needed to be more intentional about how, what, and why I was eating. 

I am healthier today than I've been in years thanks to the vitamin/supplement regime she helped me to create combined with the colorful food variety I'm now choosing. I have not been sick in months! Not even a cold. I truly feel like my immune system regained its strength, which couldn't be more important than it is right now!

Although I'm not spending much time on the scale these days, my body definitely feels better! Through our work together I also gained the tools I needed to 'reset' whenever I feel I am too far off track. 

Maria has a kind, non-judgemental, warm energy and a tremendous wealth of knowledge. It's easy to feel how much she loves her work and how much time and effort she puts into supporting her clients. 

If you can relate to the non-ideal, blah place I was before working with Maria and you're ready to make a change, I would highly recommend making the investment in yourself and your health via the Transformational Nutrition program. The way our bodies feel and function impacts literally everything in our lives - there's no better gift to give yourself and your loved ones! 


Join Maria for a free 15 minute consultation. Ask questions, get to know her a bit, see if you're a fit for each other.


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