I’m all about providing professional women who don’t think they have enough time to be fit a roadmap to a high-energy, confidence-filled lifestyle.

Through fitness and nutrition coaching I’ll inspire and motivate you to make simple shifts in how you think about food and exercise to change the way you feel about everything.  In my Hermosa Beach studio, on the beach, or through my on-line programs we’ll focus on your goals and get you there fast.

Not so long ago I found myself unhappy with my body and my life. By focusing almost exclusively on my financial services career I sacrificed my health and gained 30 lbs in the course of a year. My energy left and took my confidence with it.

After seeing doctors and specialists, trying fad diets and extreme exercise programs with no lasting change, I decided to get to the root of my issues and find a way to heal myself. So I went back to school and over the next several years earned degrees and certifications in fitness and nutrition.



" "Maria Mizzi has been a life saver to me. Her simple shifts got the ball rolling and now I'm unstoppable! I began working with Maria and everything just started clicking. ‪I began taking care of myself - mind, body & soul. At times in my life, I felt like this day would never come. But I made it happen! Thank you Maria for helping me change my relationship with food." "

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"Having Maria as my personal trainer was the best choice I made. A year and a half ago I found I was no longer satisfied with my body. I had gained 2 dress sizes and lost all of my tone. I have three children and with each one my body changed. I would try a new gym and never stick with it. After meeting with Maria and agreeing she would be my trainer Everything changed! She motivated me through a genuine enthusiasm to see me hit my goals. When I told her I was running my first 5k, Maria ran it with me. Maria made the difference for me, I have seen the results… and I am Hooked. Maria is an asset to anyones workout!!!"


"I trained with Maria to get back into shape and to run my first 5K. We had a blast during training and the race was a wonderful success. I never felt and looked as good as I did when I was working out with her on a regular basis. She explained what was happening with my body every step of the way and created a program specifically for my needs. I have referred her to brides who I work with in my business because I trust she will focus on their goals to look their very best on this important day. Training with Maria is not only good for your physique…but good for your spirit. She is positive and upbeat and holds my highest respect as a person and as a professional. Take one look at her and you will want to do whatever she recommends. She is a living advertisement for her profession!"

Cynthia A.

"Make Simple Shifts and Bring Big Change!"

- Maria Mizzi


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