7 Mindset Tips for Weight Loss

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2023

Dieting can be tough—even when you have a support group or are working with a nutrition and mindset coach to transform your body. To achieve the results you want—and keep them for the long term—you need to overhaul your lifestyle and make good decisions on a daily basis. Losing weight isn’t magical, it takes motivation and discipline to reach your goals in a healthy way.

Instead of looking for a quick fix, try to adopt some of the strategies below over a reasonable time period. These tips, coupled with positivity and patience, will help you transform your lifestyle and your waistline.

1. Take Before and After Photos

There is nothing more motivating than the visual results you get from taking photos before, after and the stages in between your weight loss journey.

2. Set Manageable Goals

Instead of thinking about your ultimate weight loss goal, like losing 60 pounds, break it down into small, more manageable objectives. Focus on losing the next two to five...

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5 Ways to Drink More Water

Are you drinking enough water? If not, you run the risk of dehydration, which takes a toll on your body, both inside and out. Every cell in your body needs water to function properly. It helps regulate body temperature and metabolism, and can help transform your body. Proper hydration boosts weight loss by promoting healthy digestion and stimulating lymphatic drainage, which flushes the toxins from your system. Water also promotes healthy kidney function, lubricates muscles and joints, and hydrates our skin. When you don’t drink enough water, your organs suffer and can shut down. Your skin can appear dry and flaky, and you may experience constipation.

Adequate hydration is an absolute must! This means drinking six to eight glasses of water per day, which is especially vital during hot weather or during exercise. Drinking water can seem like a chore sometimes, but it’s all about mindset. Make it a goal to drink more water every day so that you’re adequately...

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5 Tips for a Healthy Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is here—and if you’re heading to a holiday party or barbecue, you can still stay on track with your diet and enjoy yourself. Here are a few tips for enjoying your holiday without overdoing it—recommended by your favorite nutrition and mindset coach.

1. Hydrate Like Crazy

I know we mention this often, but we cannot stress it enough, especially on holiday weekends and when the heat is on. That’s because hydration is a critical part of health and weight loss. Often times, we mistake thirst for hunger, so if you stay hydrated, you’re not going to eat mindlessly because you think you’re hungry when you’re not. Water helps fill you up and flushes the toxins from your system, so drink lots this weekend to help you stay on track.

2. Get Moving

Are any of the guests playing a sport at the party you’re going to? If so, join in and burn some extra calories. If it’s at the beach, go for a swim, surf or play volleyball if...

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4 Summer Tips for Eating Well

We’re smack in the middle of summer, which can be a very motivating time of year when it comes to weight loss and getting in shape. As a nutrition mindset coach, I get a lot of inquiries all summer long. Whether it’s the onslaught of potential bikini and swimsuit moments, summer parties, weddings or all the outdoor activities coming into play, I advocate taking the time to get healthier, no matter what time of year.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on track with your summer meals.

1. Avoid Multitasking

Tempting as it is to do some work, scroll social media or stream your favorite show while you’re eating, don’t do it! The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition performed studies that found that multitasking leaves people less satisfied and more likely to overeat. Step away from the computer, put down that tablet and eat mindfully. Savor each bite and enjoy whatever company you have, even if it’s just your own.

2. Plan Ahead

One of the most...

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3 Reasons You May Be Struggling to Lose Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight? Sometimes, even when we work out regularly and follow the best meal plan, we may not see the scale budge. This can be due to obstacles we are unaware of that are keeping us from hitting our weight loss goals. As a transformational nutrition coach, I see these obstacles often. The good news is, they can be identified and addressed so that you can achieve the success you’re working so hard to achieve.

Here are three common obstacles and ways to break through them.

1. Too Much Stress

We all have different levels of stress associated with work, families and social lives, in addition to our health. That stress can accumulate or turn into anxiety, which increases your levels of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone. This leads to belly fat, sugar binges and fat cravings, which all contribute to weight gain. Keep your stress in check by adopting some new techniques for reducing its impact on your life. Learn now to meditate, go for a walk...

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9 Amazing Summer Veggies

Summer is in full effect—and that means that the selection of produce at your fingertips is packed with colorful benefits. Eating seasonal vegetables will boost your nutrient intake and their high water content helps you stay hydrated so you can beat the summer heat. Colorful summer veggies also contain antioxidants that help fight disease, reduce inflammation, and protect against the sun from the inside out.

Below is a list of some radiant summer vegetables that our nutrition and fitness mindset coach recommends getting into your diet.

1. Zucchini

This summer squash is a serious superfood—it’s packed with vitamins A, B and C, as well as potassium, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, folate and manganese. Zucchini is tastier when cooked, so try serving it grilled, boiled, steamed, stuffed or even baked.

2. Kale

Kale is absolutely loaded with important antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C and K, copper, potassium and magnesium, which...

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5 Small Dietary Changes That Make a Big Difference

When it comes to losing weight, maintaining results and improving your overall health, lifestyle is everything. Whether you’re on a diet or working with a transformational nutrition coach to optimize your health and fitness, it’s essential to adopt healthy habits so that your results last for the long-term. The good news is, you can make small changes in what you eat that will make a big difference in your weight and help you transform your lifestyle into one that’s much healthier and beneficial.

Adopt these five tips to get closer to your goals for weight loss and healthy living.

1. Avoid High Calorie, Sugar-Laden Drinks

When it comes to calories, sugary beverages can creep up on you without satiating your appetite. Steer clear from soda, sugary juices and sports drinks that are packed with sweeteners and calories. Avoid beer and other alcoholic beverages as much as possible, and when you do drink, opt for white wine spritzers and drinks without sugary mixers.


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3 Ways to Do Eggs

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2023

When you’re looking to transform your body, one of the best things you can do is to eat lots of quality protein—like eggs! Eggs are considered a superfood and nutritional powerhouse by many—and for good reason. They are one of the best sources of quality protein you can find. Just one egg contains up to 6.3 grams of protein!

Eggs are classified as a complete protein, which means they contain all nine essential amino acids that our bodies need to function optimally. Proteins are considered the building blocks of life, essential for building strength and repairing both tissue and muscle. Eating protein is also essential for weight loss and management, as it helps build lean muscle, which in turn, increases our calorie burn.

Eggs are packed with 13 essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, copper, selenium and zinc, as well as vitamins B2, B6, B12 and D. They also provide important omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. 

Here are three ways to...

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5 Tips for a Healthy 4th of July

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2023

If you’re like the rest of the country, you probably want to celebrate this long holiday weekend. For many, this means BBQs, parties and other events with family and friends. While this is an exciting prospect, it can also be difficult for those who are striving to lose weight and stay fit. As a nutrition mindset coach, I understand that this can cause stress or worry—but it doesn’t need to! Here are a few tips—or habits, actually—that will help you stay on track without sacrificing your 4th of July fun.

1. Get Moving

Even though it’s technically a holiday, it’s not a good time to take a break from your exercise regimen—especially if you may be eating/drinking/enjoying a little more than usual over the weekend. Wake up and hit the gym, take a class or go for a run, if possible. Even a walk will help burn calories and jump start your metabolism. If you can participate in any physical activities at the events you attend, go for it....

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5 Top Booty Sculpters

transform your body Jun 19, 2023

If sculpting your booty is one of your goals, these exercises are perfect for toning, lifting and strengthening your glutes. They can be done at home, outside or at the gym—and you can easily incorporate resistance bands and free weights to increase intensity. Start with three to five sets of each exercise, a minimum of three times a week, to really transform your body. Building muscle is a progressive effort, so be sure to increase number of reps, duration and intensity of your workouts over time to avoid a plateau.

The glutes are the largest muscle group in your lower body, so try to hit the region from every angle for best results.

The Bridge

This classic move is an excellent way to start your glute workout. The Bridge also works your abs, core and back, and helps to strengthen and stabilize. Start by lying down on your back on a mat. Position your knees about hip width apart and bend them. Engage your glutes and tighten your abs as you use them to slowly raise your hips...

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