Melissa T.

When I first started working with Maria I was not in a good place with my health, my weight, nor my self worth. Ice cream and fast food were my friends. I would hit a drive thru at least twice a day during the week and once on the weekends. If I wasn't getting fast food, I was ordering takeout or delivery to my house. I rarely cooked and didn't know how to nor did I have any motivation to do so. I had resigned myself to a life of eating my pain away, being unhealthy, sleeping all the time, and being lonely. I honestly believed it was what I deserved. I wanted so desperately to be smaller and had convinced myself that if I could just lose weight all of life's issues would disappear. 

I reached out to Maria for help and began her 21-day nutritional cleanse. Of course, I thought it would be an easy fix and that something magically would happen if I halfway followed it and still snuck some junk food. I quickly found that wouldn't work. After the 21 days, I reached out again and told Maria that I did what I always do and didn't see it through. So we went again and this time I followed the program and I lost weight. About a week into the 21 days I got the courage to step on the scale to get a starting number and I weighed 320 pounds. Slowly by changing my diet and working closely with Maria, I began to lose weight. It was an amazing feeling. I had never in my life had success like this and for the first time in my life I wasn't buying prepackaged food or the latest fad. I was learning how to cook and prepare my meals and lose weight. Before I knew it, I was messaging Maria to tell her I was finally under 300 pounds and it was an incredible feeling! I could see my face and body changing a little. Seeing this small change made me begin to smile when I looked in the mirror.  

After losing about 20 pounds, I was hitting a stride of logging everything I ate, picking up breakfast which was now eggs and turkey sausage and preparing my lunches and dinners for the week. I began to incorporate walking as exercise a few times a week and before I knew it, I was weighing 285; another 15 pounds. My weight loss was slow and gradual, but it was happening and I remember not wanting to do anything to mess it up. I was enjoying preparing my meals, which tasted good along with my walks. 

As my transformation began the big surprise was that slowly my confidence grew. I began to really pay attention to my body, what it was telling me and how it was looking. I had avoided mirrors for such a long time. Even if I looked in a mirror, I hated what looked back at me. I called it my fat suit of protection. For me, being overweight repelled people away. I think almost it was like if I hurt myself first by keeping people at arms length, accepting less than what I deserved, and speaking negatively to myself; people could not hurt me, which was not true. I had already decided what people thought of me prior to one word being said. Truth is, I thought those things of myself and that had to change. Working with Maria changed all of that. 

I learned how to prepare a good healthy and balanced meal. Meals that tasted good. I was sharing with my coworkers what I had made for lunch and they were asking for a taste. I almost couldn't believe it. The people around me were supporting my journey, not judging just happy that I was becoming who I am today. I was making friends, being more open and bright and people liked me. I was not used to this feeling. 

  • Who knew that as I lost weight my attitude would shift? Maria did. 
  • Who knew that as I lost weight I would gain confidence? Maria did. 
  • Who knew that I would learn self acceptance through this process? Maria did. 
  • Who would stand by my side through this journey, guide me, ask me the tough questions, speak honestly to me with the truths I needed to hear? Maria Mizzi, that's who. 

So where am I today? I have lost 80 pounds and 10 dress sizes. I continue to work with Maria to reach the 100-pound milestone and beyond. More importantly than the weight loss is the confidence and self love I have gained from working with Maria. When I walk into a room of strangers, I know I am awesome and that no one is judging me. Why? Because I am not judging myself. I know now that peace is where my strength comes from. I love to exercise and look forward to it. Working out is now how I relieve stress instead of eating ice cream. My attitude is that of love and light and positive vibration and I work hard to protect that. 

My transformation has been journey of heart, mind, and soul. Without that transformation, my weight loss story would be the same as all the other times I tried - - gaining back all the weight I lost and more and feeling worse about myself. I know how to maintain my success and that is a wonderful feeling. 

Without any doubt, I would not be where I am today without Maria's help and guidance. 

If you need help on your journey, reach out to Maria. She can help you in a realistic, no nonsense approach to food and exercise that is easy to follow and is effective. From there begins the heart, mind and soul transformation and that is where the magic happens.

Who knew? Maria Mizzi, that's who. 


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