5 'Healthy Foods' That Are Sabotaging Your Body Goals

Getting your body into a shape you feel comfortable and happy with can be a complicated and frustrating process. While you watch what you eat like crazy, and do all the right things, when you get on the scale, sometimes that number just won’t go down. It can leave you feeling despondent and miserable.

How is it when you are doing everything you can - choosing healthy snacks, cutting out sugar, and watching your calories - you cannot get to the place where you want to be? This can lead to you feeling like you should abandon your plans to get a better body and head for the nearest fast-food drive-thru.

What you may not realize is, there are a lot of ‘healthy’ foods and ‘good habits’ which can seriously sabotage your efforts to achieve that dream physique you have always wanted. 

Here are my top five which have the potential to see those pounds staying firmly on when you are trying your very best to battle your way to a better...

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