How to Make Commitments that Stick

The New Year is an exciting time, a fresh start for people to make changes that will improve their lives. If you’re a typical American, you probably have made weight loss one of your New Year’s resolutions. I like to make commitments rather than resolutions, but no matter what you choose, you need some strategies to help you reach your goals. It’s actually an ideal time to start working with a nutrition mindset coach if you haven’t already.

Read on for some excellent tips that will help you transform your body in 2024!

Make Peace With Your Triggers

Instead of swearing off your favorite foods forever—which we all know isn’t going to stick—make peace with them. If you love chocolate, don’t swear it off for good, because you’ll most likely binge when you do get your hands on some. Don’t have it constantly sitting in your pantry or on your desk but allow yourself a treat on your cheat day.

Get Real

Don’t strive for an unrealistic or unsafe goal—like losing 20 pounds in two months. When you go too big, chances are that you’ll just get discouraged and give up. Instead, set small realistic goals that are easier to achieve and measure, like lose four to six pounds in a month—and then re-up when you reach that milestone.

Get Basic

This is one of the only areas where we ever suggest getting basic! Instead of doing an abrupt makeover to your routine and eating plan, make some basic changes to your lifestyle. Try making one or two changes a week, such as drinking an extra bottler of water every day or increasing the duration of your workout by five minutes each week. You must be willing to modify your lifestyle in order to sustain weight loss, so pick changes that you can easily get accustomed to.

Enlist an Accountability Buddy

Find a friend or loved one who wants to lose weight and/or get in shape and commit to your goals together. This will help hold you accountable and give you support when the going gets tough. When you know your workout buddy is meeting you at the gym in the morning, it will be that much harder for you to cancel. Another great way to be accountable is by working with a nutrition mindset coach to really hone in on your goals and a devise a plan for reaching them.


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