6 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Splurging on Thanksgiving can be difficult to resist—even for a nutrition and mindset coach! But holiday binges can set off a snowball effect that completely derails your progress. Having a plan can make the difference between a successful holiday season or one filled with regret. Read on for some ways to minimize stress and stay on track this Thanksgiving and beyond.

1. Make Moves

The worst time to stray from your workout routine is when you’re indulging more than usual. Why not do the opposite and schedule extra workouts this holiday weekend? Exercising in the days leading up to and following Thanksgiving will steady your metabolism and burn extra calories. Do your regular workout routine the morning of, even if it means getting up early. This will help minimize holiday stress and start your day off right.

2. Don’t “Save Up” for the Big Feast

A common practice is “saving up” until dinner—basically starving all day and then unleashing at the big meal. Sitting down to a big dinner on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster—you’re likely to eat twice as much as what you would have if you snacked smart earlier in the day. Have a healthy breakfast, enjoy fiber-and protein-rich snacks and drink lots of water to fill you up.

3. Serve Healthy Appetizers

Stay away from creamy, fat-laden chips and dip. Instead, serve veggies and crudité with hummus or another low-fat dip. If you’re not hosting the dinner, bring healthy appetizers as your contribution to the meal so you can be sure there are healthy alternatives for you to fill up on.

4. Watch Your Portions

Make sure you don’t overload your plate. If you’re not sure about amounts, schedule a session with a nutrition and mindset coach like me to learn about what are considered adequate portion sizes and develop a formula to keep your plate in check. PRO TIP: Always strive to fill your plate with as many healthy veggies as you can. The more colorful, the better!

5. Watch the Libations

A great way to cut down on empty calories is to avoid alcohol and sugar-laden drinks. Opt for sparkling water instead of soda, and if you choose to have alcohol, drink something low-calorie like a white wine spritzer.

6. Walk it Off

Walking after a meal is one of the best ways to promote healthy digestion. Consider creating a new family tradition by going on a walk together or use it as a way to take a solo break in nature. It will reduce stress, decompress your spine and burn a few extra calories.

Use these strategies to enjoy your holiday feast without feeling guilt or gaining weight. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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