7 Mindset Tips for Weight Loss

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2023

Dieting can be tough—even when you have a support group or are working with a nutrition and mindset coach to transform your body. To achieve the results you want—and keep them for the long term—you need to overhaul your lifestyle and make good decisions on a daily basis. Losing weight isn’t magical, it takes motivation and discipline to reach your goals in a healthy way.

Instead of looking for a quick fix, try to adopt some of the strategies below over a reasonable time period. These tips, coupled with positivity and patience, will help you transform your lifestyle and your waistline.

1. Take Before and After Photos

There is nothing more motivating than the visual results you get from taking photos before, after and the stages in between your weight loss journey.

2. Set Manageable Goals

Instead of thinking about your ultimate weight loss goal, like losing 60 pounds, break it down into small, more manageable objectives. Focus on losing the next two to five pounds and you won’t be so overwhelmed.

3. Find Support

Whether it’s as simple as meeting others who follow the same diets or working out with a friend, support will make the process easier for you overall. It will also add a level of accountability that can be very motivating.

4. Have a Visual Motivator

Buy a new outfit as a reward for your hard work and hang it somewhere you can see it as a visual reminder.

5. Be Gentle With Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up when you slip up on your diet or miss a workout. Be compassionate with yourself and just get right back on track.

6. Log Your Workouts

Track your exercise routine—this will give you an instant feeling of accomplishment. Write it down in a journal old school style or get one of the many fitness apps available.

7. Switch up Your Workouts

Don’t do the same exercise routine every single day—it’s a straight path to a plateau. Mix it up—go for a run one day, hit the gym the next, and take a flexibility training class on another day. Make sure to incorporate some strength training.

Take your mindset to the next level and transform your body by working with a nutrition and mindset coach! You’ll discover amazing ways to change your relationship to nutrition and exercise while eliminating limiting beliefs.


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