5 Small Dietary Changes That Make a Big Difference

When it comes to losing weight, maintaining results and improving your overall health, lifestyle is everything. Whether you’re on a diet or working with a transformational nutrition coach to optimize your health and fitness, it’s essential to adopt healthy habits so that your results last for the long-term. The good news is, you can make small changes in what you eat that will make a big difference in your weight and help you transform your lifestyle into one that’s much healthier and beneficial.

Adopt these five tips to get closer to your goals for weight loss and healthy living.

1. Avoid High Calorie, Sugar-Laden Drinks

When it comes to calories, sugary beverages can creep up on you without satiating your appetite. Steer clear from soda, sugary juices and sports drinks that are packed with sweeteners and calories. Avoid beer and other alcoholic beverages as much as possible, and when you do drink, opt for white wine spritzers and drinks without sugary mixers.

2. Swap Refined Grains Out With Whole

Avoid refined grains that appear in white breads, pastas, rice and baked goods—instead opt for whole-grain versions. The difference in taste is minimal and the texture is preferable to many. Making this easy switch will increase your fiber intake and reduce your “bad carbs” consumption, resulting in healthier, less fattening meals. You’ll also feel fuller longer and be less likely to crave unhealthy snacks.

3. Hydrate Like Crazy

Drink lots of water so that your body doesn’t mistake thirst for hunger, which is a very common occurrence. Proper hydration fills you up while helping flush the toxins from your body, which is key when you’re trying to lose weight. PRO TIP: Swap coffee out for green tea to increase antioxidant intake and reduce your caffeine intake, since it can be dehydrating.

4. Start Your Day With Protein

Make sure to start your day right with a protein-rich meal to rev your metabolism and give you energy for the day’s activities. This will also help prevent overeating throughout the day. Opt for lean protein for best results, as it will satiate hunger and unhealthy cravings, while helping build the lean muscle mass we need to burn more calories every day. Some excellent options include eggs, skinless chicken or turkey, fish, pork loin, quinoa, plain Greek yogurt, lentils, nuts, seeds, tofu, chickpeas, beans and legumes.

5. Add a Form of Produce to Each Meal

By adding produce to the mix, you’ll up your fiber intake and stay full for a longer time after each meal. You’ll also increase your consumption of antioxidants, which have an array of benefits that will improve your overall health. Choose colorful seasonal fruits and vegetables that are loaded with nutrients to keep you looking and feeling healthy and beautiful.

Discover more ways to create and live a healthier lifestyle by working with a transformational nutrition coach like me!


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